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PLEASE NOTE: We are a boat transport company, not a moving or a storage company. During the transportation of your boat, please do NOT store anything in the boat that does NOT belong to the boat. For example: chairs, bicycles, lawn mowers, tools, etc. or any personal items. As that could cause damage to the boat and we will NOT be responsible. We do not know your boat’s history. If your boat has had prior hull damage, please let us know so extra attention and necessary equipment can be used.

MOST IMPORTANT: All personal belongings should be removed from the boat before transport. These include cash and valuables, clothing, sporting goods or any other materials that are not part of the vessel.

All Boats

  •  It is important to keep your boat as low as possible, therefore you should remove all radar dooms, spot lights, GPS antennas, etc.

  • Remove all canvas

  • Remove drain plugs

  • Remove all electronics

  • Make certain that all loose items in your vessel such as plates, galley utensils, personal items or any other non-secured have been secured or removed from the vessel.

  • Empty all fuel and water from the vessel.

  • Disconnect all battery cables.

  • Remove all antennas where possible. These devices should be secured inside the vessel for shipping.

  • If an antenna cannot be removed, it must be padded with carpet and tied down.

  • Windshield wipers blades should be taped to the windshield with duct tape

  • Remove or secure all seat cushions.

  • Remove anchor and chain from deck

  • All hatches and vent windows need to be locked closed. If not, then they have to be duct-taped closed.

  • Outboards and outdrives should be tilted up.

  • If you are moving the boat during the winter months, then you need to winterize the engine, toilets, the water systems or any other weather sensitive device on the vessel.

  • If your boat has its own cradle, please inspect it carefully for loose bolts or weakness of any kind. If your cradle breaks in transit, causing damage to your boat, the Svensson Boat Transport cannot accept responsibility. If you are shipping your boat on its own trailer, the Svensson Boat Transport cannot accept responsibility should the rollers or frame cause damage, or if the trailer breaks apart, causing damage.

Large Power Boats

  • If your larger boat needs to be loaded transom forward, then the craft needs to be shrink wrapped or we cannot accept liability for damage that may occur to the windshield during transport.

  • If your power boat is low enough to be transported with the flying bridge on the windshield must be removed.

  • It may be necessary to remove the flying bridge, arch, props or rudders in order to be transported.


  • The mast must be removed from boat.

  • When moving a sailboat, you must remove all standing rigging, lights, spreaders, wind indicators and all other types of mast rigging prior to transport.

  • All attached mast rigging should be duct taped every two feet.

  • If your sailboat has an outboard on the transom, it should be removed and stored in the cabin.

  • If your sailboat has a transom mounted rudder, it should be removed and stored in the cabin

Shrink wrapping your boat for transportation
Svensson Boat Transport cannot accept responsibility for damages caused by shrink wrap.

  • Shrink wrap is an excellent way to keep your boat clean during transport. However, a poor shrink wrap may tear due to the high winds generated by road travel. If this happens, the vessel could suffer damage from the shrink wrap beating, chaffing and scratching the vessel.

  • Every effort will be made to repair the shrink wrap.

  • If the shrink wrap becomes un-repairable it must be removed to avoid damage from the wrap beating against the boat.

  • If you decide to shrink wrap your boat, please use the following guidelines:

  • Make sure you use HEAVY GAUGE wrap.

  • All rocket launchers, antennas, lights should be wrapped in foam or carpet to help avoid cutting the shrink wrap.

  • All seams should be taped with shrink wrap tape.

  • Wrap should be tied under the boat and shrink wrapped along the sides.

  • If the hull of the boats to be included in shrink wrap, foam padding should be placed between the hull and wrap to avoid chaffing.

  • If your boat is an express model the arch should be left UN-WRAPPED.

Getting Ready To Move Your Boat
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